We are your resource for individuals and musicians seeking to grow to their potential personally and musically. We offer quality brands and meaningful experiences that foster the love of music to enhance your wellbeing. We act with sincerity and integrity to have a positive impact on our customers and our community. With 40+ years of experience we offer an unique and custom approach to music retail and the needs of our customers.


EC Guitars and Music prioritizes community and aims to cater to the needs of both beginner and advanced musicians. Our commitment to promoting the arts through education, personal enrichment, and professional development is unwavering. Our actions reflect our sincerity and integrity, and we strive to make a positive impact on our customers and the wider community. With us, you’ll find a local shop that is passionate about strengthening the musical landscape and helping individuals along their musical journeys.



El Cajon Guitars and Music (“EC Guitars & Music”) is locally owned and operated by Maria Hart and Frank Cogliano. We are musicians with backgrounds in community and public service. In 2022, on a shoestring budget using funds from the sale of our home, we decided to create a new brick-and-mortar local “Mom & Pop” guitar/ music shop because we enjoy helping others make music. We are a two-person operation working daily to grow our small business in order to be a resource to musicians of all levels.

Our guitars and music shop, situated at the heart of El Cajon on East Main street, was established to cater to the vibrant San Diego music community. We believe music plays an indispensable role in our everyday lives, and it goes beyond just being a mere vibration of sounds. In its true essence, music is a unique blend of sounds and lyrics that come together to convey powerful narratives, stir emotions, and connect people to their respective cultures and community. We’re committed to spreading the joy of music and aiding in your musical journey and development along the way.

Fran and Maria Owners of EC Guitars & Music

Maria Hart & Frank Cogliano