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From Classic to Shredding: The Various Styles of Guitar Playing through History

Guitar Playing Styles Through History

Guitars have been an integral part of music for centuries, evolving from ancient stringed instruments to the versatile and beloved instruments we know today. Throughout history, the style of guitar playing has also evolved, with different techniques and genres emerging to showcase the instrument’s capabilities. From the classical melodies of the Renaissance period to the intense shredding of modern rock and metal, the guitar has proven to be a timeless and ever-changing instrument in the world of music. Let’s take a journey through time to explore the various styles of guitar playing that have shaped its rich history.

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El Cajon Guitars and Music (“ECGMusic”) is locally owned and operated by Maria Hart and Frank Cogliano. We are musicians with backgrounds in community and public service. In 2022, on a shoestring budget using funds from the sale of our home, we decided to create a new brick-and-mortar local “Mom & Pop” guitar/ music shop because we enjoy helping others make music. We are a two-person operation working daily to grow our small business in order to be a resource to musicians of all levels.