Church Musicians Need Our Help!

Tijuana Church Musicians

Church Musicians Need Gear, Especially Our Neighbors In Tijuana

On December 19, 2023, El Cajon Guitars & Music and André Monari drove to Iglesia Luterana Cristo Redentor in Tijuana with an SUV filled with guitars, ukuleles, and toys to donate to the Church and children there.

André Monari, originally from São Palo, Brazil, is a youth minister, professional musician with Tagima Guitars, and music teacher. This was my first time driving into Tijuana. I wasn’t necessarily planning on such a trip, especially during the holiday retail season with a small retail shop, but Christmas was upon us and there is a church and children in need and that’s what Everything is All About. André had contacted us the night before to tell us that there was a church with a young minister and his family, in the heart of a poor neighborhood in Tijuana, who was teaching neighborhood teens how to play music, and they are in need of instruments, gear, and help. André and his wife, Larissa, and their church organized a donation and André was making the trip and asked us to participate. We gathered instruments and toys from the shop and accompanied André on this meaningful day trip.

The Church is an oasis of hope and goodness surrounded by hardship. Pastor Job Jimenez offers music lessons to the teens in the neighborhood. Music, especially worship music at a small local church, is necessary for a healthy community and helps to create a positive environment, and we appreciate Pastor Jimenez’s very meaningful work and what he is achieving with his church and the community of musicians he is fostering. Teens around the world, but especially in Tijuana, are faced with many dangers as to the direction their lives will go, and what kind of impact they will make on the rest of the world. The teens at Pator Jimenez’s church are passionate about learning from him and being role models for others in their community.

But, there aren’t music shops in or near their neighborhood, and even if there were, there isn’t enough money for such items. We often take for granted how accessible musical equipment is for many of us, while our neighbors struggle to obtain the instruments, cables, microphones, accessories, and strings required to make music. Therefore, André, his wife Larissa, and their church partnered with El Cajon Guitars and Music to donate items just before Christmas. The church and young musicians were very appreciative, and we enjoyed hearing Pastor JImenez and the church band play.

We’d love to continue to help them in their progress by making more trips across the boarder to take them more donations. Any musical instruments and equipment that can be donated for their church and young musicians will be greatly appreciated. Please let us know if there is something that you’d like to get into the hands of these worthy children and their Pastor. Please contact us at if you have something you no longer want or need that might help this pastor, his family, these young musicians, their neighborhood and community.

We look forward to seeing our neighbors again soon and bringing them the things that they need to continue to bring the light and sounds of hope and joy through music coming out of their beautiful little church and amazing program that can grow, if we help our wonderful neighbors who are about a 30 minute drive away, but an eternity from here.